Jasper is learning so much so fast. It is crazy unbelievable. He has so many words/phrases I don’t think I can list them all, but here are some:

Bap-Bap (Babchi)
Do It
George (as in Curious)
Gorilla (Lilla)
Got It
Jo-Jo (Josie)
Love You
Oh No
Thank You

Jasper is also very good at knowing what noises things make. His repertoire of noises includes:

Meow (Cat)
Woof (Dog)
Ooo-Ooo (Monkey)
Chomp-Chomp (Giraffe)
Kiss-Kiss (Fish)
Roar (Lion)
Grrr (Bear)
Doo Doo (Turtle)
Moo (Cow)
Baa (Sheep)
Oink (Pig)
Sputtering (Elephant)
Quack (Duck)
Bzzzz (Bee)
Hoooo (Owl)

Vroom (Truck)
Choo-Choo (Train)

Also, some of Jasper’s favorite signs are More and Please, but he also knows:

All Done/Finished
Thank You

Lastly, Jasper finds it hilarious to animatedly nod his head Yes and shake his head No.



Last month Sara and I both took some vacation time (the first time we’ve done that since June 08!). We spent the first half of the week working on the house (kitchen painted, flowers planted, closets organized, ikea furniture built). And then on Thursday we headed to NYC with Jasper in tow.

We were dreading the train ride (4 hours, two seats for the three of us, and hi, trapped on a metal moving box with a toddler who can’t stop moving). But it went ok. We did spent a lot of time pacing the aisles. But we also packed a lot of tricks—a new car, a new animal (tiger!), a set of animal finger puppets, and the biggest hit of all, a roll of painter’s tape. We unrolled it, we stuck it, we made “rocks” with it, we put it on our clothes, we built boxes out of it. It was great.

Jasper loved the city. He played in a playground in Central Park (and got kissed by a little boy named Leo), he went to FAQ Schwartz, we went to the Central Park Zoo (which also has a really cute little children’s petting zoo), we ate many many restaurant meals (and discovered the awesomeness of our new bib clips), we played with Alyssa and Bekah and Stacy, we saw Neil Patrick Harris at brunch one morning, and a cousin and aunt that I hadn’t seen in years at Penn Station. We went to parks, chased pigeons. We went to the Natural History Museum. It was great, and Jasper’s new word of the trip was “WOOOOOWWWW”.

Pictures here.


It seems like Jasper is sprouting language out of nowhere. At 16 months now he tries to repeat almost everything we say. And he’s signing a lot now too. Yesterday I was making dinner and he came up behind me, patted my leg, handed me an empty sippy cup and then signed “more, please.”. What? I didn’t know he even knew the sign for please. Tonight he saw me chopping peppers and he marched up and voiced “peeeeeeese” while signing “please”. It’s insane how fast he learns.

Let ‘er Rip!

This past weekend we went alllll the way up to Fayette, Maine (north of Portland) to visit Jasper’s Grampy and Grams for my dad’s birthday. We also picked up my mom, Grammy/Ninny, to join in the adventure. Since we had not seen my dad since Labor Day and Susan, Ruby, and Eric since November, we not only celebrated my dad’s birthday, but belated Christmas and Jasper’s birthday too. After all that gift opening there was a lot of wrapping paper around. Jasper was taught a fun and hilarious game by his uncle Eric that involved all the paper. It’s pretty darn cute…

Waiting for Mumma

This is what it looks like in our house, every weekday, from 5:30 until 5:40, when Sara gets home.  Jasper has some sort of crazy internal clock, and he knows when it’s almost time for Sara to get home from work. So at about 5:30 he starts camping out at the top of the stairs, waiting…


It was beautiful last weekend—hitting 60 degrees both days. So, of course, we threw home-in-time-for-nap-caution to the wind and spent most of the weekend outside. We went to the library (the main branch of the Cambridge Public Library was recently redone and is GORGEOUS). We went to playgrounds and parks. We walked. A 4.5 hour walk on Saturday, and a 6 hour walk on Sunday! Both days we left as soon as Jas woke up from his morning nap, and didn’t bother rushing home to get him down for his afternoon nap (usually at 2). He sort of slept in the stroller in the afternoon, and had to go to bed EARLY both days, but it was so worth it.

The library is beautiful. The entire top floor is the children’s room, and it’s full of windows and light and books, and hampsters (Tallulah & Blanche), and puppets and puzzles and blocks. Jasper loved it. He ran around, and sat on the small couches.

This is him piled high with stuffed animals. They had a huge giraffe puppet (giraffes are his favorite). And a huge Curious George monkey, which he loved.

This morning we were reading a Curious George book and he started saying “Georges”.  Yes, as if in french (something like “Zhorzh”).

At the playground, he LOVED the swings, as always.  He was a little unsure of the slide, though, and much preferred to sit at the bottom and eat woodchips.

More photos on Flickr.  We’re bad at blogging, and excellent at putting photos up.

His vocabulary is expanding exponentially. I don’t know where it came from, but he just repeats everything now, and is gradually using the words on his own (without prompting). New words:

  • apple (appah)
  • waffle (wap)
  • George (zhorzh)
  • Dori (Doh)
  • Up (uppp)

Oh, and two more teeth, bringing the grand total up to 12!  The top two molars have started to poke through.  Molars are not fun, he reports.  Not fun for us either, since he typically informs us that said molars hurt at 2am.

Long time no see

Jasper is 14 months old today, and let me tell you, time flies with a toddler just as much as it does with a newborn.  We haven’t been good about blogging, but this is the closest thing we have to a baby book, so I thought I’d do an update.

He’s still big for his age (wearing 2T clothes sometimes now, depending on the brand!), but he’s slimming down. He was 25.5 pounds at his 12 month appointment, and the same at 13 months (when we went to the dr for a double ear infection!) He’s got 10 teeth—and the two molars he just cut are apparently his 18-month molars. And a ton of hair. Sara’s given him 2 haircuts already to keep it out of his face.

He walks! He started at about 13 months, with a step and then two (towards his big blue bouncy ball).  Then it stopped for a week, and he reverted to crawling—faster to keep up with Dori, his friend he shares a nanny with.  At 13 1/2 months, though, I changed his diaper one day and put him on the floor standing next to his walker.  Instead of grabbing on, though, he turned around and just walked across the room.  And he hasn’t looked back.  The video below is from the early days, his first few steps.  Before he was walking all the time, though, he would do a kind of hybrid walk/crawl.  Thus, we call the second video “Jasper auditions for the role of Smeagol” (you know, Gollum from Lord of the Rings).

He talks!
He only has a few words, but man does he ever use them! Spoken:

  • Mum, Mumma (Sara)
  • Momma (Abby. But he really prefers to call me “Mom-mom”, which I don’t like as much. What can you do?)
  • More
  • Ball
  • Hi
  • Banana (actually he says “ananas”, but I don’t *think* he means pineapple)
  • Nana (a natural word to follow banana)
  • Josie (We were flipping through a photo album and I was naming family members as we went. When we got to Josie, he loved it so much that it shouted JOOOSIE!)

Signed. While we’ve been signing to him since the start, he only just started signing back to us.

  • More
  • Please
  • Milk
  • All done
  • Waving hi

He also loves animals, and his animal-sound vocabulary is far ahead of his English one.

  • Grrr (bear. Also his default noise for any animal he doesn’t know or can’t do. This is why elephants, according to Jas, growl.)
  • Roar (lion)
  • Quack-quack (duck. But it comes out more like “boop-boop”)
  • lip-smacking (giraffe. One of his favorites. You know, it’s the sound a noisy giraffe would make when chowing down on leaves.)
  • Moooooo (cow. Ok, it sounds more like “ohhhhhhh”, but it’s definitely in response to the cow.)

He eats. Anything and everything. He loves spinach. And blueberry pancakes. I think the only two things he hasn’t loved so far were black olives (on a tapas plate he ate at a restaurant for dinner once) and lemon wedges (though he kept going back for more)!  And you name it, he’s tried it.

He’s a great sleeper—he goes down without a peep at 7pm, and sleeps till 7am. And two naps during the day. When he naps for the nanny, those are each 2 hour naps, but for me, it’s usually more like an hour each. I dread him going to just one nap. I love naptime. I get so much work done!

What else? He’s just a happy happy little man. He loves animals. And flowers—he goes crazy whenever we have flowers on the counter, and loves smelling them. He leans in close and breathes in and out heavily. It’s crazy cute. He loves balls. He likes to pass them back and forth, or to throw them in front of himself and then chase them down the hallway. He loves to read (right now he’s sitting in front of the book shelf, reading a book out loud to himself. He can do that for 20 minutes straight). He wrinkles his nose when he laughs. He loves to stack things, and then knock them down—or play with a ring stacker. He likes to put things in boxes and carry them around. He loves dumping toys out of their bins and then methodically putting them away, one by one. (Yeah, he thinks cleaning up is a game.) He sings to himself. He plays peek-a-boo (he likes putting boxes on his head and then waiting for someone to say “Where’s Jasper?” That gets him shaking with laughter.  Mainly, he’s just a lot of fun to hang out with. He’s a happy happy little boy full of personality.